Jodie - Maidenhead Mum: A blog about local life, adventures and experiencesFrom Manhattan to Maidenhead

I’ve lived in New York. I’ve lived in London. But this chapter of my life finds me living in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

When I first moved here I found it quite a contrast from London and New York and much to my concern I couldn’t even find a Chinese takeaway that delivered! (Sigh!)  But gradually I’ve made friends and contacts and have realised that Maidenhead has plenty of takeaways and also has a thriving community of entrepreneurs (and a lot of them are mums like me!) I’ve found that this blog is a great way to share these contacts and links with the wider community and it’s really inspiring to hear other people’s stories.

Now that I’m here with a toddler in tow, I like use this blog to talk about our adventures in (and around) Berkshire, the things we like doing, things that make us happy, and all things with a Maidenhead twist.



I’m a self-confessed photography addict and I hoard cameras in the same way others collect shoes! I also have a portrait photography website which I run independently from this blog called PhotoJodie. I was a portrait photographer for 5 years and (so people say) I’ve got a knack in creating relaxed and fun images of families and children that tell a story. I’ve accumulated lots of photography tips and tricks over the years too, so whether it’s working out which lens you need to buy, or how to take better photos with your Smartphone, you’ll find the answers on PhotoJodie.