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Maidenhead’s closest beach? West Wittering explored. Days Out Guide / Travel

We’re pretty blessed living in Maidenhead as we have so many areas right on our doorstep and the south coast is tantalisingly close. I often hear people from Maidenhead rave about West Wittering beach so when we found ourselves staying nearby I thought we should check it out. Here’s everything you need to know: What is it? West Wittering beach is a beautiful stretch of...

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Doing my best Mary Poppins impression. Photo Credit: Lizzy from Days Out Guide / Travel

Last week I had the chance to join in with a Photo Walk in Shoreditch as part of the ‘Blogtacular’ blogging event. It’s an event that I’ve watched from the social media sidelines before and have always been keen to attend. It attracts bloggers and creatives from all over the world to be inspired, share ideas and make connections. I’ll write more about the event in...

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Feeding the animals. Days Out Guide / Maidenhead / Reviews

I often wonder what the Little Lady will be when she grows up. Instead of having a room full of dolls, she has already amassed a bed full of cuddly animals that she treasures dearly. (Woe betide me if I try and steal any away!) So when Odds Farm invited me to visit in return for a feature on the blog, I was keen to...

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Peppa Pig Live: Perfect Family Fun Days Out Guide / Family Friendly / Reviews

Two children, up, dressed and fed and two parents showered, dressed, breakfasted and ready to go by 9am on a Saturday morning. What was I thinking?! How on earth could this ever be filed under ‘fun family things to do at the weekend?!’ But I shouldn’t have had doubt. ‘Peppa Pig Live’ at the Wycombe Swan didn’t disappoint.

Fairground and Firework Fun at Carter’s Steam Fair Days Out Guide / Family Friendly / Maidenhead

Carter’s steam fair If you’re local to Maidenhead then you’ve probably seen the signs around town for Carter’s Steam fair. For many Maidenhead residents, it’s an essential part of the countdown to Christmas, along with the Maidenhead Christmas lights switch on at the end of November. Although the Fair tours around the country, living opposite Boyne Hill Cricket Club and park, we’re lucky enough to...

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Half term in Maidenhead Days Out Guide / Family Friendly / Maidenhead

October Half Term in Maidenhead. This October will be the last half term that I can go into ‘hibernation’! Seeing as I have a pre-schooler, Half Term for me usually means that we see our usual local parks and recreational spaces get twice as busy as usual. We tend to chill out at home rather than battle with the crowds. But, just because I don’t...

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Off exploring again... Days Out Guide / Local / Maidenhead

It’s Autumn. Quite possibly the most photogenic month of the year. Add in a Little Lady that has just discovered the joy of riding her balance bike and a photographer mum with a new camera and new smartphone to play with and it’s been hard to keep us both indoors. Yep, the Humphries girls have been on tour, discovering pretty parks and bike friendly paths in...

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A festive Christmas Carriage ride in Windsor Days Out Guide

Baby’s first Christmas in 2012 Our little lady was two and a half last month. I won’t bore you with the standard ‘hasn’t she grown!’ and ‘hasn’t time flown!’ comments now.  (Although if you’re wondering, yes, she’s now bigger than she was in 2012… and yes, time has flown but it has also seemed like a lifetime- I can’t remember what life was like without...

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A mini Winter adventure, just ten minutes from home. Days Out Guide

This afternoon, the Little Lady and I headed over to Harehatch Sheeplands Garden Centre to join in the launch party for their new ice skating area.  For those of you that haven’t yet been to Harehatch, I should warn you that ‘Garden Centre’ is probably not the right word to use, its more of an emporium, with an eclectic mix of plants, a mini farm (including goats...

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Hartbeeps and Duplo, a match made in heaven? Days Out Guide

For those of you that don’t have young children, some of this post may seem a little… well… alien. But let me assure you, in the same way that when you were little there were crazy saturday morning TV shows full of fun, games and exuberant TV presenters, for our little ones there are real life, neon headband wearing ladies that bring fun, singing and playtime to...

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