Me and Mine

THRILLED with her new school uniform. Me and Mine

Having watched my Facebook feed fill up with images of my friend’s children starting school, I’ve never really been able to fully understand the range of emotions that lie behind the clichéd ‘stand in front of the fireplace’ photo that you see. As a first time school mum I’ve now realised that it isn’t just a photo. It’s a turning point, a moment of huge significance. Or...

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Just. Look. At. That. Face! Maidenhead / Me and Mine / Personal

This week there has been a lot of chatter in the press about toddler tantrums and parenting styles so it feels particularly apt that my family photo I’m sharing for the February ‘Me and Mine’ project is a little bit different to the usual happy, smiley family photo I would usually take. Farewell February February seems to have flown by for us in a haze/daze...

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