Cuddles, tickles, laughs and giggles: the unexpected truth of a career in childcare. Maidenhead / Reviews

Looking after little ones can be exhausting. Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, they each have their challenges. I work four days a week in an office, and when I leave at 5.30pm on Thursday for my ‘day off’ which involves looking after my toddler-sized little boy, I have to remind people that the hard work is just beginning. So when I try to imagine what it’s like...

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Feeding the animals. Days Out Guide / Maidenhead / Reviews

I often wonder what the Little Lady will be when she grows up. Instead of having a room full of dolls, she has already amassed a bed full of cuddly animals that she treasures dearly. (Woe betide me if I try and steal any away!) So when Odds Farm invited me to visit in return for a feature on the blog, I was keen to...

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A rather delicious Chicken Tikka Roll: Great Indian street food on Maidenhead High Street. Maidenhead / Reviews

Here on the Maidenhead Mum blog I love to hear about things that are supporting Maidenhead. I’d seen the posters for ‘Eat on the High Street’ around town, but it wasn’t until I bumped into one of the organisers at a Maidenhead Business Girls meet up that I understood just how good an idea it was. Shop local, eat local? With a name like ‘Eat...

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Baby's first Christmas Family Friendly / Maidenhead / Reviews

Although Christmas might seem a distant memory and the decorations are all safely stashed in the loft, I’ve been enjoying looking back at photos from our Family Festive Lunch at the Crowne Plaza in Marlow. With family living in Birmingham and Cardiff, it’s hard for us all to be together on Christmas Day so we’ve learned that the best way to cope with a ‘long-distance’ family...

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Peppa Pig Live: Perfect Family Fun Days Out Guide / Family Friendly / Reviews

Two children, up, dressed and fed and two parents showered, dressed, breakfasted and ready to go by 9am on a Saturday morning. What was I thinking?! How on earth could this ever be filed under ‘fun family things to do at the weekend?!’ But I shouldn’t have had doubt. ‘Peppa Pig Live’ at the Wycombe Swan didn’t disappoint.

Bet the kids don't get to see their school hall looking as fun as this very often! Maidenhead / Reviews

If Kim Kardashian’s butt is guilty of ‘having broken the internet’ then yesterday an 18 second video clip of an exercise class at Lowbrow Academy broke my Facebook. Regardless of age, location, mum or not mum, my friends were all in total awe of the idea of dancing in the dark, completely sober with glowsticks on a Monday night. Aka ‘Clubbercise’. Here’s the video:  ...

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A ‘first’ time for everything: Seeing a show. Reviews

Seeing her first ‘show’ When you have a baby the months are filled with ‘firsts’. The first time they smile. The first time they sit up unaided. Their first solid food… the list goes on and on. Its all quite an adventure. But as they get older the ‘one-off’ events become fewer and turn into first experiences as opposed to first actions. But last friday we...

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A birthday gift that keeps on giving Reviews

We thought long and hard about what to buy Baby H for her first birthday. But it can be hard to think of first birthday present ideas. Researching first birthday present ideas I say ‘we’, actually I think I did most of the research and poring over Amazon reviews whilst my other half waited for me to provide suggestions, but thats how it tends to...

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