A little while ago on my Maidenhead Mum Facebook page I mentioned that I’d like to take more photos of Maidenhead this year to help it get recognition for being a great place to live. So I asked the question:

What does Maidenhead mean to you?


I was quite surprised by the varied responses.

Maidenhead Landmarks?

Alongside some of the more obvious ones like Brunel’s Bridge and the Clock Tower by the station, there were a few more obscure ones: ‘Sitting on a bench at Desborough Park to eat lunch’, or even ‘doing the nursery run through St. Marks Hospital’. This made me realise that although we don’t have a long list of famous landmarks like Windsor or London, Maidenhead is made up of lots of experiences, different for all of us, but they combine to make it a great place to live.

Maidenhead car park lit up at night

Windsor has it’s castle, London has Big Ben…and we have a disco Carpark! But it made me smile when I saw it, and that’s the whole point of #lovemaidenhead.

The Challenge

So, for 2016 I’ve set myself a challenge and I’m opening it up to the residents of Maidenhead too.

Over on my ‘Maidenhead Mum’ Instagram account I will be sharing photos of the everyday things I like doing in Maidenhead. From watching my daughter eat a slice of cake as big as her head in Lleno’s Delight, to strolling around Ray Mill Island and feeding the ducks or watching the sunset over Boyne Hill Park – I’ll capture it all and tag it with the hashtag #lovemaidenhead.

girl on bike in Maidenhead

Exploring by bike at Ray Mill Island

girl eating cake at liens delight cafe bar in maidenhead

Eating caaaaake at Lleno’s Delight. We’ll be back again soon for ice cream.

sunset over park in maidenhead

As I nipped out to go to the local Post Office I walked past this dazzling sunset over Boyne Hill Park! It’s the little things like this that make you smile and are reasons to #lovemaidenhead

Maidonians recommending Maidenhead

I’m always looking for recommendations of great things to do in Maidenhead, and I often follow up on suggestions by friendly Maidonians in our online social communities. The great thing about using Instagram for this is that it’s quick, visual and by using the hashtag #lovemaidenhead anyone can use it and search for inspiration for things to see and do in our area. By the end of the year we should have a great collection of images that highlight the best of Maidenhead – a lovely resource for those of us who live here and those who hope to move here.

Putting Maidenhead on the Map

But it’s not just a project for me. I’d like as many people in Maidenhead to get involved. All you have to do is take a photo of something you love in and around Maidenhead, share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #lovemaidenhead. It doesn’t have to be a photographic masterpiece, just something you snap on your phone. There’s no need to limit yourself to things in the centre of town, it can be anything within a short distance of Maidenhead that you have the privilege to enjoy as a Maidenhead resident. In fact, one of the perks of living in Maidenhead is that we have so many great places right on our doorstep. I’ll do a regular roundup of 9 photos with the #lovemaidenhead tag and share on my ‘Maidenhead Mum’ Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Wellies on the ground to explore autumn

Sometimes a simple shot from a different perspective can inspire people to find out what you’re up to. Wellies on and autumn leaves…where are we off exploring today?!

The first #lovemaidenhead collection

So, with a little drumroll, here’s the very first #lovemaidenhead collection.

From daffodils to snow…and some mega dramatic skies, it’s been a funny old January! From the 107 photos currently tagged with #lovemaidenhead, here’s 9 that caught my eye this week:

Love Maidenhead

The first #lovemaidenhead collection. Thanks to all that have given me permission to use their photographs in this round up.

Instagram Photo Credits to:

  1. Video_richard: All Saint’s Cemetery
  2. Phil_h_bray: Snowfall in Maidenhead
  3. Mister_aitch: Ice on cars Maidenhead
  4. Maidenheadmum: Phoenix Gym
  5. Saj_noorphotography: Maidenhead Town Hall
  6. Helslc: Crossfit Gym, Reform Road
  7. Phil_h_bray: Sunset over Maidenhead
  8. Maidenheadmum: Daffodils on the Bath Road
  9. Photo_jodie: St Marks Hospital

You might like to follow their accounts to see more images of Maidenhead.

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen then why not join in too?

How to join in if you’re on Instagram

Start using #lovemaidenhead on suitable photos that you take and share on your Instagram profile. You might also like to follow my Maidenhead Mum account (click here to follow me).

How to join in if you’re not on Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram you won’t be able to share photos but you can still see the collated highlights on my Maidenhead Mum Facebook page (click here to visit my page) and I will share here on the blog, so you might like to subscribe to my posts by email.

And if you’d like to join in and get snapping, but are a little bit wary of Instagram and smartphone photography then you might find my ‘6 Easy tips for Instagram’ post a helpful starting place.

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