If Kim Kardashian’s butt is guilty of ‘having broken the internet’ then yesterday an 18 second video clip of an exercise class at Lowbrow Academy broke my Facebook.
Regardless of age, location, mum or not mum, my friends were all in total awe of the idea of dancing in the dark, completely sober with glowsticks on a Monday night. Aka ‘Clubbercise’.

Here’s the video:


‘Clubbercise’ in Maidenhead

If you’ve not heard of it, ‘Clubbercise’ is a new (nationwide) fitness class with an easy-to-follow dance workout. Add in a heady mix of glow sticks, disco lights, a darkened room and a great sound system pumping out dance anthems, it’s a pretty unique way to burn off the calories without having to wait for the weekend. With a 9 week old and a three year old, it’s also the closest I’ve been to raving my socks off for a good few years!

So, as a bit of fun, here are 6 reasons why ‘Clubbercise’ is *almost* as good as the real thing….

1. No heels

For many years, one of the key criteria for choosing shoes was that I had to be able to dance all night in them. If you were out with me and needed to cry off home half way through the night because your shoes were making your feet ache?? Fastest way to strike yourself off the Christmas Card list. At ‘ Clubbercise’ you can bounce around in your trainers to your heart’s content: no excuses for bailing early. In the words of Niki, our local ‘Clubbercise’ Maidenhead instructor: ‘Save your stillies for Smokies!’.

Clubbercise Maidenhead

Ready to start the party! (And hoping people don’t think we’re nuts for taking a selfie with Glowsticks, but we were very excited!)

 2. No hangovers

This one’s a goody! Especially as the older you get, the worse the hangovers become (or is that just me?!) What I found surprising about ‘Clubbercise’ is that although you might feel like a bit of a lemon walking in and kinda wishing you could have a little shot of something to get your groove on, when the lights go down and the bass starts pumping….you just can’t help but grin and dance. No alcohol required to get a buzz of endorphins!

Clubbercise glowsticks Maidenhead

Re-usbale glowsticks. Genius idea!


3. No need to be a ‘Taxi Ninja’ at the end of the night

We’ve all been there. You party all night, have the best time ever, leave the club on a high and then spend the next hour trying to flag down a taxi. Whether its figuring out which streets the taxi drivers use before they hit the taxi rank, or using one of your friends as bait (“No, you stand in the road, your skirt is shorter…”) nabbing the late night taxi requires patience and skill. Fortunately things are a bit simpler with ‘Clubbercise’. The Maidenhead classes are held at the Lowbrook Academy in Cox Green, (just 6 mins away from my house!) and there is plenty of fuss free parking outside so you can be home and in your onesie before you know it.

4. No ridiculous door policy

Now that I’m older, I can’t just rock up to a club and expect to feel like I belong there. Much as I love to dance the night away, it’s not much fun if everyone is half your age or half your size. At ‘Clubbercise’, everyone is welcome. Yes, there were some people younger, slimmer, and, lets face it, waaaaay more co-ordinated than me, but thankfully not everyone fell into that category so I didn’t feel like I stuck out. Plus IT’S IN THE DARK! So you can shake your tail feathers as much as you like without fearing that your bum looks big in whatever you’re wearing.
The only thing you need to remember is that the ‘Clubbercise’ classes are proving to be a bit of a hit so as you leave the class you need to sign up for the next week’s class to make sure you can go.

Clubbercise Maidenhead

Bet the kids don’t get to see their school hall looking as fun as this very often!

5. No miming. (and pretending you know the words!)

There once was a time when I listened to the top 40 every week. I owned most of the top 20 albums in the chart and I could detect the beat of a favourite song in the DJ’s mix way before anyone else. Throw me into a regular club now? I’d be a fish out of water; my knowledge of current pop and dance is limited. Thankfully, most of the tunes you’ll be dancing to at ‘Clubbercise’ are the best dance anthems from the 90’s. During the class I found myself grinning and thinking of friends I’d danced with to the very same tunes over the years and wished they were there with me. Things like ‘The Original, I love You Baby and N Trance, Set You Free. Even got a bit emotional as I thought about all those happy times!

Clubbercise Maidenhead Class

Dancing in the dark: No-one cares if you can the right moves or not!

6. No Wallflowers or Gooseberries

That moment when you get to a club and they’re playing your favourite tune but no-one’s dancing? Or when your friend needs to go to the loo or its her turn at the bar? You can hardly dance on your own on the dance floor… unless you’re bold (or tipsy) enough to pretend you’re actually friends with another group of girls and ingratiate yourself into their circle. But with ‘Clubbercise’ its different. Yes, its great fun to go with friends (I went along with two of my ‘mummy friends’ which helped encourage us all out of the house) But the truth is that you could totally rock up to ‘Clubbercise’ ON YOUR OWN, and no-one would bat an eyelid. When the lights go down and the glow sticks shine, suddenly dancing on your own is irrelevant; you’re all part of the same big dance party.

Clubbercise Glowsticks

So there you have it: 6 quick reasons why Clubbercise is almost better than a proper night out. I’m sure there are more (like no dodgy chat up lines, no guilty Kebab on the way home!) Have you been to a class yet? Let me know what you thought too.

About ‘Clubbercise’ Maidenhead

If I’ve tempted you to try out a class here’s what you need to know:

In Maidenhead, ‘Clubbercise’ is on a Monday night, 7.15-8.15 at the Lowbrook Academy and there is a Wednesday night class starting on the 4th November. You can sign up by contacting Niki the local organiser. If you’re not local to Maidenhead, don’t fret. There are classes popping up all over the country, check the Clubbercise website for details of your nearest class.
The class I went to was £6 and the battery operated glowsticks were £3 for a pair. As long as my 3 year old doesn’t find them before next Monday’s class I’ll be able to re-use them!

clubbercise glowsticks

Uh-oh. Spoke to soon. She loved my new ‘dancing sticks’!

About this post

I went to ‘Clubbercise’ as a regular paying customer and hadn’t planned to review it for the blog until I had such a great time. (Hence why most of the photos and the video were quick snaps from the iPhone!) When the video prompted such a big response from my Facebook friends and followers I thought I should share a bit more about my experiences. I hope that the ‘Clubbercise’ organisers don’t mind that I snuck off to the back to take a quick video which I’ve shared here. As always on my blog, all opinions and photos are my own.



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