About Me

When I moved to Maidenhead, I went on quite a voyage of discovery. Having lived in London previously, I was used to having an abundance of shops and restaurants on my doorstep, and it was always easy to find new things to see and experience.

Although, Maidenhead has lots to offer, I found that it was sometimes tricky to find out everything that I wanted to know, even more so when my daughter came along. As I networked and chatted with other mums, I learned about so many activities and places to go which Google just didn’t seem to tell me about. So I decided to start a blog and share my experiences.

About the blog

‘Maidenhead Mum’ is a passion project of mine that I fit in around family life and my day job. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and photography and I hope that my posts help inspire others to explore and experience as much as they can. I like to feature days (and nights!) out in Berkshire and beyond, travel, local events and activities. 

Whether it’s ‘date night’ at a new restaurant opening, or visiting a show or exhibition in London, I like to share it on the blog in case it inspires others to get out and about too.



Making the most of life in Berkshire and Beyond.

My mantra for the blog is ‘making the most of life in Berkshire and Beyond’ because I think it’s important to get out and about and create memories whenever you can. Admittedly, with a five year old and two-year old in tow, sometimes these adventures are beautiful, sometimes they drive my husband and I a little mad, but the point is that we have a go.
Although I write about family-friendly things, I’m keen to share my mini adventures without the kids too. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut balancing work life and family life and to forget the all important ‘me-time’. I’ve never really been one for relaxing at a Spa, so I like to offer inspiration on other things to do when you get a little bit of freedom and some child-free time.



Proud to be a Maidenhead Mum

Writing the blog has opened many doors for me locally and I’ve been thrilled to meet such a diverse community of entrepreneurs in Maidenhead, many of whom are Maidenhead Mums just like me. I’ve found that this blog is a great way to share these contacts and links with the wider community and I’m inspired hearing other people’s stories. It makes me proud to live in such a friendly and engaged community.
If you’re moving to Maidenhead and are looking to meet other mums or find things to do then you might like to check out some of the following Facebook groups:
* Maidenhead Business Girls
* Maidenhead Gossip Girls
* Enjoy Maidenhead

Maidenhead in Photos

Since starting the blog, I’ve become well known my photographs of Maidenhead. I began to share my images of Maidenhead with the hashtag #lovemaidenhead and I encouraged the wider community to join in too. The hashtag has now been used over 1000 times and is a great source of inspiration if you’re trying to explore the area.


Recognition for ‘Maidenhead Mum’


I’ve created a Maidenhead Calendar and gave one to our Prime Minister to hang in Downing Street: not something I could ever have expected! Creating the calendar led to me developing a Maidenhead Stock Photography website and creating a range of framed versions and greetings cards of my Maidenhead photographs in the Craft Coop shop in town. This year I was invited to be a judge on the Maidenhead Festival Photography competition which was a real honour. It was exciting to see so many great photos of Maidenhead being submitted by the community. On top of that, I was blown away when I won an award as ‘The most inspiring and active business girl’ from the Maidenhead Business Girls group in March 2017.