Some people get excited at the thought of fairies at the bottom of their garden. Yesterday I got excited to find a brand new library at the bottom of mine! Well, I say bottom, technically its over the road from our back garden, but I can see it from our bedroom window, so I’m sticking with the analogy!
So now not only do we have a great playground at Boyn Hill Park and some wide open spaces, we have a library too, perfect for rainy Saturday afternoons. And all those other moments when you need some new input for the little ones.
Yep, thats my little one. Wearing a daft hat at her insistence.
Bright and funky inside
Adults section jam packed with the latest bestsellers
Inside its relatively compact, or small, but perfectly formed. The bright colour scheme means that it feels fresh and modern, not to mention very welcoming.  Over half of it is dedicated to the children and the rest to adults. Admittedly the library in town is much bigger, but this has parking right outside and you can combine a trip to the park with a trip to the library too. Oh, and there’s even a coffee shop! Who says Crossrail is the most exciting thing happening in Maidenhead? Civilization has made it to Courthouse Road!
Books are easily accessible for the little ones on low shelves and in brightly coloured boxes and there are plenty of places to sit and read stories. While I was there at least three mums came in with their kids and read aloud to them.
There is a children’s computer, perfect for looking up homework questions and there is an additional computer area for adults too. They have children’s DVDs and even magazines which can be borrowed a week at a time.
But lets not skip over the books. They have a really good range in the adults and the kids. I spotted plenty of bestsellers that I’d been meaning to read, and the children’s books were all in fantastic condition.

You may not be a bookworm yourself, and actually I’d class myself more of a ‘Kindleworm’ these days if that’s possible, but for local children it’s incredibly important to have this opportunity available to them. I should confess that my little one could be classed as an ‘iToddler’ as she already knows her way around an iPad and apps, even though she is still learning to talk. But thankfully she still loves books! They’ve always been the perfect antidote to screen time and we have a jam packed book case at home already. 
Seeing as she already knows the way to walk to the park, I’m thrilled that it will soon become second nature to walk to the library to get some new books too.
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