Picture the scene: the sun was shining, the eldest was at school, and my husband and I were at home with our soon-to-be-two little boy. Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m a firm believer in ‘little adventures’: I love to plot day trips to beaches, castles, beautiful towns… anywhere to inspire the mind and lift the soul. (Especially if there is a photo opportunity in it for me!) With only one small human to look after, and away from the constant questions of a five-year-old, we decided this was a great opportunity for us to get out and explore parts of Maidenhead that we’d never been.

I’d recently heard about The Green Way, a public footpath that runs from Bray, through Maidenhead and then up to Cookham and having read that it was buggy friendly, I figured that we could take the toddler along so he could get a change of scene and experience some of the countryside around us.

Maidenhead The Green Way

The path is flat and accessible with a buggy or bike… although who wouldn’t want to go on Daddy’s shoulders if they could?!

How to find The Green Way

Houses opposite North Town Moor in Maidenhead.

Houses opposite North Town Moor.

We chose to start our route at North Town Moor, just off North Town Road. I have to confess that we lived just around the corner from here when I first moved to Maidenhead in 2010, but I’ve only really explored a small part of the moor. I hadn’t really researched much further to see where the footpaths lead. We decided to start our walk here as there is a small car park at North Town Moor. This was fine on a quiet Wednesday morning, but I can imagine it could get much busier at weekends.

Maidenhead The Green Way

North Town Moor is owned by The National Trust.

Map showing the route of The Green Way:

Map of The Green Way in Maidenhead

You can download this map from the RBWM website, details at the end of this post.

We had planned to begin the route with my son in the buggy, and to ‘release him into the wild’ later on. Ha. He had other ideas. He wanted to walk. But then he didn’t. He wanted to be on Daddy’s shoulders. And then he didn’t. The Buggy? Yep, undecided on that too. So we spent the first 15 minutes ‘negotiating’ with a non-speaking tiny person. This way. That way. Or no way at all as he ran around in circles waiting for us to chase him. He eventually got the message and settled for Daddy’s shoulders which gave him a great vantage point to spot a farm tractor going by: ‘Oh look, it’s Old Macdonald!’ (In our lives, EVERY tractor is Old Macdonald. He’s a busy, omnipresent kind of guy and even my five year old hasn’t questioned this yet!)

Maidenhead The Green Way

This cheeky Little Man began by running around in circles! Not quite the start to the walk we had hoped for.

Maidenhead The Green Way

In the buggy… out of the buggy. The joys of an indecisive toddler.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Finally happy on Daddy’s shoulders. As long as he could poke daddy in the ear with his finger! Ah, the perks of parenthood.

Farmer on The Green Way Maidenhead

There goes Old Macdonald! Love a distraction when you’re in the middle of toddler ‘negotiations’!

The route

Maidenhead The Green Way

The footpath is well signposted, although I had downloaded a PDF on my phone for reference, too. 

We chose to walk across the moor and then take the ‘Green Way East’ route up towards Widbrook Common and then back along Maidenhead Ditch (the romance!). There is an extra loop at the top of the route that takes you right up to Cookham but we didn’t think we’d manage to get all of that done in a morning and we are still religiously sticking to the lunchtime nap at home for the Little Man. Having a circular route was also much easier for us to figure out with the buggy. One day, when I’m child free, I’d quite like to walk from North Town Moor down to Bray to get my head around how it all fits together when you’re away from the busy main roads.

Walking across The Green Way

Open fields, blue skies and a sleeping baby. Lush. There isnt much shade along the way so remember to pack sunscreen, water, shades and a hat.

We did this middle section of the Green Way in about two hours, walking at a leisurely pace while we chased the Little Man (and I stopped every few hundred yards to marvel at the flowers or foliage!)

What can you see on The Green Way?

Maidenhead ‘skyline’!
Wild Flowers!

The path goes via farm fields, hedgerows, ponds and streams and the air is buzzing with bright damselflies and butterflies. You can probably see lots of birds too, although I didn’t really keep an eye out when we were walking. I was intrigued to see Maidenhead’s skyline with Berkshire house peeping up above the fields, and also Cliveden house on the distant hillside. It felt completely timeless and almost like we’d stepped into a magical bubble away from the pressures of everyday life.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Over in the distance, you can see Cliveden House on the hillside.

Maidenhead The Green Way

I loved seeing flashes of colour from the wild flowers. I have now learned that this is Burdock.

Maidenhead The Green Way

These electric blue Damselflies were zipping around us as we walked.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Wild poppies are such a gorgeous colour. There were just a few peeping out at the beginning of June when we went.

Common Mallow flowers along The Green Way in Maidenhead.

I’ve seen these pretty purple flowers (‘Common Mallow’ all over Maidenhead.

Maidenhead The Green Way

If you have a camera with a zoom lens you can get some great close up shots of the flora and fauna as you walk along The Green Way.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Maidenhead ‘skyline’. I wonder how different this will look in a few years time?

My son’s excitement peaked pretty early as we walked through cornfields and he explored the pathways, picking up stones along the way. Within ten minutes he had passed out in the buggy leaving my husband and I to chat freely as we walked along the route. Our sentences are normally interrupted by ‘Mummy…’ and ‘Daddy…’ before we even finish them so this felt like an unexpected treat.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Following Daddy… but being distracted by stones. He LOVES to pick up stones and collect them! Takes us ages to get anywhere sometimes!

Maidenhead The Green Way

There were paths in between the corn rows which were fun to explore as the corn was nearly as tall as my son.

Maidenhead The Green Way

Shapes and textures to inspire a tiny mind!

Maidenhead The Green Way

Seeing my husband crouching in the corn tractor tracks to get the ‘best shot’ is a little reminder of why I love him. Obviously, I was doing exactly the same thing. What must we have looked like?! 

Who will like The Green Way?

The paths are wide and accessible so it’s great if you have a baby or toddler in a buggy like us, although I think that the distances involved would make a small person on foot get tired pretty quickly. I think my 5 year old daughter would have managed it on her balance bike and could ride along the path on her proper bike now too. (Although we’d have to walk a lot quicker to keep up with her!)

In the future, when we all have bikes, this will be a lovely route across the fields and over to Cookham for a picnic. The paths through the fields can get a bit bumpy (and muddy in wet weather) though, so it’s not ideal for scooters or ‘beginner’ bike riders.

If you don’t fancy doing a circular route, you could walk to Cookham and then catch the train back to Maidenhead, or even catch the train one stop to Furze Platt if you wanted to break up the walk a little bit. I think this would definitely get my two years old’s attention!

Maidenhead The Green Way

Lots of greenery along The Green Way.

Maidenhead The Green Way

It was all a bit much for a certain little person!

Wild Maidenhead

I’m not really a ‘flowery’ person and I’m usually most at home swooning over architecture in the city, but something about this walk was really inspiring. I think it was that if you tuned into your surroundings there were flashes of colour and contrasting textures everywhere. I found that I couldn’t stop taking photos!

Maidenhead The Green Way

Hogweed contrasted against the bright blue sky.

Maidenhead The Green Way

I’m reliably informed that this is called ‘Tufted Vetch’.

'Goat's beard' seed heads. Goat’s beard’ seed heads. My daughter would have wanted to blow these away immediately!

Wild carrot flowers in Maidenhead The Green Way

These flowers are ‘Wild Carrot’ or ‘Queen Anne’s lace.

More about The Green Way

If you want to find out more, there is a really handy PDF showing the route of The Green Way which you can download from the RBWM website. You can read more about The Green Way, including the history of it on the Maidenhead Civic Society website too.

With the help of members of the ‘Eco @ Oaken’ Facebook group, I’ve been able to identify the names of the flowers that I saw. I thought it would be useful to share this on a handy sheet so that you can download it and see how many you can ‘spot’. Could be a great way to keep the younger ones entertained along the walk.

Things to spot in summertime along The Green Way in Maidenhead

I hope this helps keep the kids inspired as they explore the paths around Maidenhead.

The Green Way downloads:

Summer in Maidenhead Spot it sheet

You can click the text above to download a ‘Summer in Maidenhead Spot it’ sheet.

Maidenhead Green Way Leaflet   

This includes the map of the whole route shown above and also details of the things you can spot along the way. Essential reading before you set off.

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