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The Maidenhead Mum blog is a personal blog about my life and experiences in Maidenhead and I like to share stories that are relevant to other Maidenhead Mums, Dads and Families. As a professional photographer my posts are packed with high quality images to help tell the story. Whether it’s where to buy Gluten Free food in Maidenhead (to the first ever Night Market in Maidenhead or the opening of Lidl, if it’s a local story, business or event, I like to cover it. I have engaged social media followers and am happy to share my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In terms of specific interests, I have a 2 year old son and a 5 year old daughter and am always looking for ways to keep them busy. On a personal level I follow a dairy free diet and love all things photography related. I love to find new places to explore with my kids in tow whether thats local to Maidenhead and London or is further afield. (My favourite place to go with the family is Venice!)

Examples of sponsored posts and reviews.

In 2017 I visited the Qbic Hotel and my review of the hotel has been incredibly popular: The Ultimate London Hotel for £58 a night. 

To celebrate International Women’s day I wrote a post to showcase different books to inspire children about following their dreams: 8 brilliant books to inspire a tiny feminist

Many of my readers are mums that like to travel in the Uk and abroad. My ‘Maidenhead Mum on Tour’ posts are popular with my readers: ‘Maidenhead Mum on tour: the tulip festival at Arundel castle’

Make the most of my photography and copywriting skills

I’ve worked as a professional photographer for many years and can help create fantastic imagery in a variety of ways. Perhaps you would like someone to take photos of you as you go about your day to day business to help tell your own brand story, or maybe you have some products that you need to share with your audience on social media.  I can also help with your social media. From knowing which hashtags to use, to taking better smartphone photos, I can help boost your confidence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you know how they all fit together and how to use them in your content marketing strategy.
If you are finding it a struggle to make time to write your blog posts then you can work with me as your ‘ghost writer’ to help you research and create blog posts that resonate with your audience but are also optimized for SEO.However you would like to work with me, I offer a professional and affordable approach with hourly rates starting from £35.

Learn with me

Since I started the blog I’ve been approached by lots of people who would like to improve their digital marketing skills. I’ve taught people how to take better photos on their smartphone, I’ve done one to one lessons on Instagram for small businesses and I’ve even run group workshops on blogging, social media and Canva. My courses and training are so popular that I am now working freelance as a digital marketing consultant and trainer, which you can find out more about on my digital marketing website.

Buy my photographs

Over the last few years I have taken lots of photographs of Maidenhead and the surrounding area. Every year I collate these into a Maidenhead Calendar which you can purchase online, in the Craft Coop Shop or at the Maidenhead Heritage Centre. In addition to that you can also purchase photos to use on your website, social media or in print from my Maidenhead Stock Photography library.

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I am an Amazon Affiliate and when I am recommending products I will use an affiliate link meaning that a small percentage of what you go on to purchase will be given to me. Things like this help keep niche blogs like mine alive! I will always declare at the beginning of a post if an affiliate link is in use. This does not affect my sentiment towards the brand or product: I only ever recommend the things that really work for me and my family.

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