The Maidenhead Mum blog is a personal blog about my life and experiences in Maidenhead and I like to share stories that are relevant to other Maidenhead Mums, Dads and Families.

Whether it’s where to buy Gluten Free food in Maidenhead (to the first ever Night Market in Maidenhead or the opening of Lidl, if it’s a local story, business or event, I like to cover it.

As a professional photographer my posts are full of images, from professional DSLR shots to high quality smartphone shots (I love a bit of ‘iPhoneography! ‘).

With several years copywriting and Marketing experience I’ve found I’m a natural storyteller and I know how to create engaging content.

I’ve worked with various different companies, from the AA to Duplo, to local organisations such as the 1100 strong community of Maidenhead Business Girls.

I only ever work with companies or organisations that I feel are relevant to my Maidenhead Mums (and Dads!) and I phase any sponsored posts into the rest of the blog content. I also have a strong social media presence and am happy to tweet or post on Facebook too.

So, if you’d like me to review a place, product, event or bit of technology (including Apps) then please get in touch. I’m in my mid thirties and am particularly interested in things that are relevant to my life here in Maidenhead with a 3 year old. Although don’t forget I’m also used to the bright lights of Big Cities and love most gadgets and new technology too. You can never own too many cameras…..Or should that be shoes?!

I will always write an honest review of anything I’m trying out so please bear in mind that might not always mean a glowing review! I will also make it clear on my blog post if I’ve been supplied with an item to review. Sometimes I’ve written about stuff just for the fun of it, because I thought it was THAT good. 

If you’d like to work with me please contact , find me on Twitter, or use the Contact Form on this site.

Ways of working with me


If you have a product or experience that you think my Maidenhead readers (mostly female, 30+ and with a family) then please get in touch, particularly if I can bring the story to life with my photography. I phase any sponsored posts into the rest of the blog content. I also have a strong social media presence for the local audience and am happy to tweet or post on Facebook and Instagram.


From knowing which hashtags to use, to taking better smartphone photos, I can help boost your confidence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you know how they all fit together and how to use them in your content marketing strategy.


Writing a blog for your business is one of the simplest ways that you can increase your online visibility. Using Imy personal skills of copywriting, marketing and blogging I can show that it’s nothing to be afraid of. You don’t need to be a literary genius or a web design wizard to write and manage a blog.


Whether it’s creating compelling copy on your website or providing you with a bank of images you can post on Instagram or Facebook, I can help. I’ll make sure that your visual storytelling hits the mark for your brand.


You can find out more about this on my Digital Marketing Consultant website:

About this Blog

I am an Amazon Affiliate and when I am recommending products I will use an affiliate link meaning that a small percentage of what you go on to purchase will be given to me. Things like this help keep niche blogs like mine alive! I will always declare at the beginning of a post if an affiliate link is in use. This does not affect my sentiment towards the brand or product: I only ever recommend the things that really work for me and my family.

“Maidenhead Mum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, and affiliated sites.”